Potencia Consulting: Unleashing the power of your potential


"Gone To Texas"


In the late 1700s and throughout the 1800s, folks leaving Tennessee in pursuit of adventures in Texas put signs on their doors saying, "Gone To Texas".  

2017 has been an amazing year of business redefinition, life re-prioritization,and expanding Potencia's client portfolio. 

Adding Value to the Bottom Line


Dr. Susan Harwood founded Potencia Inc. based on one objective, “ To bring practical value to people and organizations”. High tech Fortune 500 corporations, National Laboratories, large Health Care Firms, universities, and entrepreneurial start-ups have benefited from her unique insights and results oriented solutions.

Unleashing the Power of Your Potential


Life Coaching Sessions

Blending mind, body, and spirit  as you  unleash the power of your potential in love, personal change, and self-awareness / success with a splash of humor along life's journey.

Get stuck or want to explore a range of options? Schedule a one-on-one life coaching session with Dr. Susan Harwood to help you put YOUR thoughts into positive actions.


Leadership Alignment Coaching

Coaching individual leaders and leadership teams for optimal performance  utilizing a vertical integration method (VIM) to create bench strength for all levels of management within your firm, creating alignment and versatility in your leadership teams.
· Customized individual development
· Private One-on-one coaching 

Best known for her innovative thinking, breadth & depth of expertise, and clarity of vision helping leaders grow into their potential, Dr. Harwood’s Leadership Institutes have developed over 30,000 leaders across all disciplines. 


Business Coaching

Potencia specializes in coaching managers and organizations through business and cultural change. Dr. Harwood has led the development of learning organizations for clients such as Motorola, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Covenant Health.

For larger organizations, we start where you  and  develop the path to where they want to be, optimizing  investments, initiatives and programs  assisting clients move to the next level of success.

For start-ups and new companies, we help them phase in what they will need, when they will need it to maximize their initial investments and time.

What We Do


Your Own Private Coach & Confidant

At junctures along our paths, we all  need that private confidential conversation and encouragement to help us accomplish our goals, dreams, and success.   

From making the optimal selection of college major to prepare for a rich career----thru leadership development & times of challenge--to just moments of exploring our deeper self to live our best life---these are the moments your own private coach and confidant is invaluable. 

Schedule a private session with Dr. Susan Harwood,  one of the leading coaches in leadership, business, and personal development.  


The Initial Business Assessment (IBA)

Conducted to baseline your current business, the IBA provides insight in the “whys” of what is and aisn’t enabling you to achieve your overall business results. This is the first step in developing a focused action plan specifically tailored to the business objects you want to achieve. 


Practical Innovative Solutions

We roll up their sleeves and work side-by-side with you to assist in the development and implementation of the actions necessary to meet your current business objectives in the areas of:

· Change management

· Business development

· Workforce planning

Potencia Consulting, Inc.


The GLIMMER Six-Pack Series

Potencia,  in partnership with Walker Publications presents the next generation of transformation in innovation, intrinsic motivation, learning as a competitive advantage, and new approaches to embracing life's changes. These are exciting times to be creating the next generation of ideas for the ultimate in the phase of growth and sustainability. New workshops, tools, and online conversations are part of each new project. 

***Coming January 2020***

Our new online webinar  video workshops for the GLIMMER Six-Pack kicks off with Module 1: Generating Learning.  For more information contact us below or check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/potenciaconsultinginc/


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